.:Musicalia Lounge:. Brazilian Spirit

.:Musicalia Lounge:. Brazilian Spirit Cargado originalmente por .:Musicalia Lounge:. Thrusday March 11th, 2010 Come and enjoy Brazilian rhythms, soul and jazz dance, traditional Brazilian music and the warmth of the land, in an incomparable setting for fun and friendship with the good taste and know-how of two of the best deejays in Second Life, in […]

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Behind The Scenes

Do you enjoy music in Second Life?, do you often walk into music clubs? Well, I’ll tell you a little about the work that all of those responsible for your amusement do. In The Club The clubs in Second Life are generally supported financially by their owners…depend on how big is the SIM where the […]

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Acerca de

Join this unique community of music lovers. This is the place to enjoy live music performed by djs from all over the world.

Visit us, Talk to us, Have fun with us…

The concept of .:Musicalia Lounge:.

.:M.L:. was born under the idea of creating a place with a friendly, smooth and relaxed atmosphere, in order to that, we expect to be a unique place, different from the regular clubs in Second Life. Our land and decoration was thought to fit the whole concept, and that’s why we gave an important space to our chill area, where the guests can be relaxed, and also, that’s why we don’t have a large dance floor, or any club devices but the minimum necessary ones.

We are not going to have the common staff structure, we are not going to have hosts or managers. Instead of the normal staff structure, we are going to have only live DJs as our staff.

We want to build a brand that will be a symbol of RELAX, FRIENDSHIP, PEACE and enjoyment.

.:Musicalia Lounge:. Management

Victoria Grau & AddYou Johin