Behind The Scenes

Do you enjoy music in Second Life?, do you often walk into music clubs?
Well, I’ll tell you a little about the work that all of those responsible for your amusement do.

In The Club

The clubs in Second Life are generally supported financially by their owners…depend on how big is the SIM where the club its located rent can vary from few to thousands Lindens, from 300 to 400 Euros monthly. This means there is one, or several people, investing a lot of money for our amusement, they invest in the physical structure of the club, the decor, setting, etc.

Moreover, the clubs work through their human structure. Behind the fun there are many people working for you. Usually a club has a staff that, depending on the size of it, may be composed of: Directors, Managers, DJs, Managers, Advisors DJ, DJs and Hosts.

All these people work for your fun … Want to know a little more?

The Actors Behind The Scenes

The Directors

They are responsible for organizing all club operations, in a comprehensive manner. Coordinate the work of absolutely ALL the staff, and concerned that everything runs accordingly so that you and your friends can have fun.
The directors IMs burn for as long as they remain online, never rest … coordinating actions for everything to be perfect, that no meeting be without DJ or without Host. They are the ones that solve almost all problems of the club, from staff issues to technical issues at times.

The directors are often without sleep or sleeping and resting a few hours per day so that everything runs on rails.
Generally, the Directors are not paid wages for their work … did you know that?

The Managers

Managers are in charge of one or more sessions in particular at the club. They are responsible for each session, they have to be aware that each one has a DJ and a Host so that you do not stay without being able to enjoy the music.
Many times, depending on the size of the club, managers are responsible for sending notices to the music groups so we can know about the different events that going to be hold in the club. Managers do not receive salaries for their work (in most clubs), they work for tips or gratuities, so you’ll see in many of the clubs that the manager is logged in a “tip jar” where you can make a contribution in appreciation for their work.

The DJs Managers & DJs Advisors

OMG! … Those people are those who hold in their hands one of the club’s most important functions: to ensure the quality of the DJs who are part of the staff. Not all clubs include this position in his staff, but I’ll tell you what it is about this work.
Usually DJ Managers are responsible for coordinating the “technical” side of the club. They coordinate the castings or the trials that DJs make to play at the club, defining, together with the owners, the most appropriate styles of music for the club, and help any DJ of the staff who needs technical advice. The do not receive salaries for their work and do not receive tips for their work since their jobs, just like the directors, is absolutely behind the scenes.
In addition to the DJ Manager position, there is another position: the DJ ADVISOR, which, as its name suggests, does the job of advising the DJs and staff also attends the castings or tests to define whether a DJ is at the level of what the club has defined its quality standard. The DJ Advisor does not get paid a salary or tips.

Our DJs

You probably have one or more DJs who are your favorite right? So, let me tell you a little about the work of the DJ behind the scenes …
Our DJs are obviously people of flesh and blood who work very hard to share what they love most in this world: music.
Some of our DJs are Real Life DJs, and some of them were DJs in the past but now they are businessmen, bank employees, freelancers, or any profession or trade that comes to mind. However, they just love music and spend lots of time and money to share their expertise … Did you know that one song on any page of quality downloads will cost between $ 1.50 and $ 4? Did you know that for every two-hour session a DJ can play between 20 and 30 songs (or longer )?… make the bill … that would mean that a session with new songs of excellent quality has a cost to the DJ of 50 to 75 dollars. Not to mention the hours daily that our DJs are investing in search and get the right music for high quality sessions. A DJ can spend up to 3 or 4 (or more !!!!) hours a day listening to new music.
The DJs do not receive a salary for working in the clubs … they only receive tips or tips that we give in gratitude for us having a good time with our friends … so next time you’re in one of your favorite clubs, listening one of your favorite DJs think about this and show your appreciation … to the smallest tip is a great demonstration of love and affection for the DJ, although they most care about is that you know you are having fun.

The Hosts

Are those people that give life to the sessions or to the parties, the right hand of DJ in each set, the ones who greet you when you arrive and when you go, they put all their energy on each session so it could be a real party. They send alerts to groups about the event, attend when you have questions, they invite you to their parties with crazy dances, and they do everything they can to make you enjoy the time spend. The energy they put on in each set is the equivalent of going to the gym for four hours!!!!
They, in most clubs, nor receive a salary, all your income is based on the tips or tips that we offer…

Therefore … this is inside the club, each club is like a big family where each of their members is necessary  to make sense. Many people working together to guarantee fun and good music…
I hope you enjoyed knowing a bit more about how these clubs you like…
See you in any of them!!

Victoria Grau

.:Musicalia Lounge:. Owner

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